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Suite 302 – 2509 Dieppe Ave. SW
Calgary, AB, T3E 7J9


Rocky Point Custom Homes is a luxury custom home builder in Calgary and area. From contemporary inner city custom homes to rustic ranch homes in the Rocky Mountain Foothills, Rocky Point will work with you to create the highest quality dream home you can imagine. Custom re-defined, the home building possibilities are truly endless.


We Do Things Differently: Cedar Shingles

Kristi Kraychy

This photo is an example of how we do our cedar shingle siding. Our Altadore home for sale is clad with kiln-dried western red cedar shingles on all four sides of the exterior and the entire garage. Kiln drying allows for better absorption of stain so it won't fade or shrink over time. The uncommon but superior hand-dipping process assures each shingle is coated on all sides for maximum finish performance. Each shingle is carefully layered by the best trades in the city to be sure moisture doesn't get trapped along the way.

Drive by any of our homes and 5, 10 even 15 years later, they all still look "like-new" (seriously, we encourage you to take the Rocky Point Custom Home Tour found on our website as proof!) This is because we spend the extra dollars to use the best materials and best tradesmen. I guess it's partly a matter of pride as a company, but it's also because we understand and care about the importance of a safe, healthy and well-built home for your family.

Higher costs in the building stage, huge savings for the owner long-term. #wedothingsdifferently