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Suite 302 – 2509 Dieppe Ave. SW
Calgary, AB, T3E 7J9


Rocky Point Custom Homes is a luxury custom home builder in Calgary and area. From contemporary inner city custom homes to rustic ranch homes in the Rocky Mountain Foothills, Rocky Point will work with you to create the highest quality dream home you can imagine. Custom re-defined, the home building possibilities are truly endless.


Things and People.

Kristi Kraychy


This has always been one of our favourite quotes at Rockypoint.  We have been lucky enough to work with many clients who feel the same way.  Building a family's dream home is so much more than creating a collection of "things to use" and places to store them.  A home is meant to be a safe retreat and gathering spot for the most important and special people in your life.  We watch as our clients search high and low for just the right items, colours and textures to symbolize the history and personalities of each member of their family.  Then, after the last tile is set and furniture piece placed, it is meant to be used, enjoyed and shared... with the people you love most.